20 April 2011

Isn't it ironic?

This is my first non-meme post.

I have 2 main blogs,Polychrome Interest and Kame & Kroten's Blog.

Polychrome Interest is my personal blog that focuses on my hobbies. I wrote movie review,book review, and other things related to my personal life.

Kame & Kroten's Blog is my turtles' blog. Kame, Kroten and I shares the right to write. You probably have guessed that turtles can't write/type. I am the author under all those names.

Now,this is what I meant by isn't ironic!!

My personal blog has 300 to 400 views everyday and my turtle's blog has less than 100 views a day ... HOWEVER, my turtle's blog has MORE COMMENTS than my personal blog.

The truth is...I enjoy comments than views. Ironically, most people who visited my personal blog only interested with pictures in my blog while people who visited my turtle's blog really interested with my turtles :)


Caroline said...

The title of this post caught my eye... Same story here. My movie blog has some 400 views per day but hardly any comments, the book blog has 100 and many comments and my German blog (which is closest to my heart) has 50 views and no comments but people share the content. And how about syndicated views. On my book blog each post has far more syndicated than "proper views", especially those with less comments.
That's why I think I might turn my German blog into bilingual cat blog. :) One part for the post in German, the other in English.
What do you think?

Novroz said...

The thing about movies is, they really attract viewers but not readers.

I think that is a great idea!! I want to read more about your cat, they have only been highlighted once, poor kitties.

Kingmush said...

I'll have to check them all out then!

Tony Storm said...

the answer is easy, turtles will always be awesome

Tony McGurk said...

Kame & Kroten are so awesome turtles that they make us wanna comment. I'm the same. I have come across webcomic sites that are really popular on webcomic list type sites yet many get almost no comments. I get more satisfaction from comment interaction with my visitors that seeing big high stat numbers. Interacting with other bloggers is a very rewarding part of it

Dixie The Poodle said...

@ Caroline: Animool blogs (Blog is a weerd werd) ar just wot peepool lyk becorz us animools (espeshuly Poodles) ar so kyoot & luvubool

Novroz said...

@Kingmush I will wait for your visit ;)

@Tony Storm Agree!!! :)

@Tony McGurk Kame and Kroten will be happy to hear that :)
yeah...comment really make our day as blogger, doesn't it :)

Thank you all for commenting

BragonDorn said...

Congrats on all the success friend :)