18 November 2010

BTT - Borrowing

Who would you rather borrow from? Your library? Or a Friend?

(Or don’t your friends trust you to return their books?)

And, DO you return books you borrow?

Interesting question!!

I like borrowing from both from Library and my friends.

the library is where i borrow my Japanese Literature because my Library is from Japan Foundation.
Some of my friends have the same taste of book as I am, so I often borrowed from them. It's a two way act, i borrow from them, they borrow from me.

Always return the books I've borrowed and take care of them like their are mine because i expect them to do the same. I treasure my book and I want them to take care of my book too.

How bout you? Happy BTT :)
My latest book review:
White Serpent Castle by Lensey Namioka


gautami tripathy said...

Nowadays, I mostly end up buying books. And I prefer to borrow from a friend than the library.

Here is my BTT post!

Tribute Books Mama said...

I would rather get my books from the library, and when I do borrow a book from someone , I do make sure I return it.